Vendor & Artist Booths


We are not hosting booth space for the 2014 Festival. Thank you for your interest!

The San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival is opening a limited number of booths to artists, authors, and vendors.  Those who purchase booth space have the opportunity to expose their work and wares to hundreds of patrons across multiple demographics.

Booths are 10X10 and occupy the main promenade of the West Covina City Hall Complex.
The booth locations are central all all attendees at the festival will pass by the booths on their way to readings and performances.

Artist & Vendor booths are 75$/day or 125$ for all three days of the festival.  Fill in the form below and pay via the paypal button below.

SGVLF 2013 Booth Space

Food trucks/Alternate arrangements pay using the button below. Add a note to us

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  1. Scott, looking forward to the event. augie

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