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The San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival is a registered non-profit. We support ourselves through donations and fundraising. We need funds to support artists with speaking & appearance fees, and to pay local taxes and permits to hold the festival.

Supporting us is easy:

Use our clickthrough any time you shop on, for any product, from any seller. Bookmark our site and use it anytime you use
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We receive a small proceed of any purchase you make — this comes without cost to you, the author, or the vendor. makes the donation from their profits.

Attend our writing workshop series!

Visit our bookstore to see what books we recommend — any purchase you make through this store helps fund the festival at no cost to you.

Donate directly via paypal

Donate via our fundraising campaign

Purchase booth space for your business. Spaces are limited, reserve yours today.

Purchase advertising on our website. We receive over 3,000 views a month and offer a powerful in-post advertising opportunity on our hub web site and social media sites.

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