Sep 282012

I’m teaching a writing workshop in Claremont, California to support the San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival.

Writing Your First Poetry Collection

Buddha Mouse, 134 Yale Avenue, Claremont, CA

Sundays from October 21-December 23 10-1

$45 per session or $400 for the entire semester.

Contact me to sign up

John Brantingham —,


I truly love teaching.

The great teaching experiences happen when students are eager for knowledge. The best teaching experiences happen when those students are willing to work.

One of the best teaching experiences of my life has been happening in a store called Buddha Mouse in Claremont, California. I’ve been teaching poetry classes for adult students — all the proceeds going to fund the SGV Lit Fest. We had three sessions over three weeks that were funny at times and cathartic at others. They were always moving.

There are so many people out there who have interesting things to say, important things to say, and they want to write poetry, but they never had the chance to study and learn it. Instead, they’ve spent their lives doing the sorts of things that have made them interesting. They’ve raised children or had careers or spent time helping other people.

These people always turn out to be the best poets. Learning technique, after all, isn’t difficult. Having something interesting to say is impossible, however, unless you are an interesting person. It’s been my great pleasure to work with interesting people.

We all had such a great time, that we decided to continue on with the class, and in fact, we’re going to make it a 10 week course. In that 10 weeks, we will all produce a short collection that we’ll send out for publication both to the small press magazines and eventually to chapbook and book publishers.

Frankly, I can’t wait, and we’d love to have you join us. The information is below, and if you’d like more, contact me!

John Brantingham —,


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