The Beautiful Distraction

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Aug 232011

SGV Literary Festival staffer Michael Torres has a book out from Finishing Line Press!


The Beautiful Distraction is a full length poetry collection from writer Michael Torres.

The Beautiful Distraction is available for pre-order now and ships on December 2nd.

“Reading Michael Torres’s work is seeing Pomona and Los Angeles for what it really is. Here we find liars, artists, the insane, and geniuses, and Michael is at the center of it all, observing it silently sometimes and other times participating fully. Michael is a true artist who is able to capture this moment and this place with perfect clarity and vision.” — John Brantingham, author of East of Los Angeles.

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  1. The first time I heard Michael read one of his poems at the podium, I was blown away. Richly nuanced and textured in original perspectives, his words continue to amaze each time he takes the mic.

    Marta Chausée, author
    Resort to Murder mystery series

    • Yeah, Michael is an amazing poet. He also is probably having a book of his fiction coming out soon. Absolutely incredible.

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