Jul 122012

Three years ago, John & Ann Brantingham created the Valley Poets Reading Series for the San Gabriel Valley and the surrounding areas.  Over the past year, I’ve invited myself to the party and helped to host and book events with them in the Village Book Shop and Downey, and it’s been one of the best times in my life.  What can I say?  I like the attention and being able to force people to listen to my jokes for a couple hours.

Unfortunately,  the Village Book Shop, a fixture in our events, recently closed.  They were kind enough to host our events for years, long before I was on the scene, and the Valley Poets were left to wander the streets, homeless.  Apparently even metaphorical poets can’t make a living…

Until this month — The City of West Covina and the L.A. County Public Library system have come to our rescue and provided a home for us.  This is going to be a big event for the Valley Poets, but it’s also a big event for me — I’ve invested blood, tears, and a fair amount of cursing to the SGV LitFest and the Valley Poets, and we’re entering the next phase of our huge undertaking.

You’re in good hands for the next reading.  We’re featuring fiction writer Michael Buckley and poet Josue Mendoza, who are featuring at the inaugural Valley Poets reading at the West Covina library.

But this is your moment too. Bring your work at the open mic, but remember to arrive in time to sign up, as spaces are limited and, counter to every rule in the literary community, we’re starting right on time (!).

The West Covina Library

1601 West Covina Parkway , West Covina, California 91790

Saturday, July 21, 2012

6PM – 8PM

Open Mic

Facebook Invitation 


If you’re feeling like a saint, bring a little spare change if you can, and throw it in the donation can for the ongoing work we’re doing for the Literary Festival

See you at one of our coming events

Miniature Men is Mike Buckley’s first collection of short stories. He is an example of the exciting new blood coming out of the Long Beach movement. His amazingly crafted work runs dark and bizarre to fragile and loving.   It also, of course, features a story with both robots and ninjas.


Josue Medoza  is Bank Heavy Press’s newest discovery. Another Long Beach writer, his poetry is helping to launch one of the most exciting new presses in the Los Angeles area. Come to see the beginnings of a great career  and the beginning of an exciting new press.

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