Mar 092012

This weekend representatives from the San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival are attending a gathering of non-profits to help combine our efforts for the upcoming 2013 Literary Festival.

We need help from individuals and organizations of all types as we work closely with the City of West Covina to form the festival.

The non-profit form is the first form we have available, if you’re interested in participating with the festival planning, sharing resources, or requesting a presence at the festival please fill out the form after the jump.

  2 Responses to “Welcome Fellow San Gabriel Valley Non-profits”

  1. The meeting was great. I loved seeing that so many people are dedicated to the arts and our fellow human beings! What a great group of people.

  2. Indeed an awesome meeting. Look forward to future gatherings. This will snowball into something incredible, you can just feel it.

    Nuvein Foundation

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