Shadow Oak Sessions

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Jan 272012

The San Gabriel Valley Literature Festival, Inc. is releasing a series of limited-run audio chapbooks entitled Shadow Oaks Sessions featuring recordings of notable authors and special edition artwork by editors Daniel Questa & Charlotte San Juan.

the SHADOW OAK sessions

Each disk features a hand-made stencil and (mostly) hand-colored package art (above).

Only five ridiculously inadequate dollars.  Available at any SGVLF sponsored event & at The Village Book Shop in Glendora, CA

Editors: Daniel Questa, Elder Zamora, Charlotte San Juan.

Track List:

1. Elder Zamora – Sea Glass
2. John Brantingham – Papa in Space
3. Michaelsun Knapp – Drunk Dialing God
4. Charlotte San Juan – Bus People
5. John Buckley – Go Tell It to the Mountain
6. lLoyd Aquino – Beat Poets
7. Michael Torres – I Don’t Mind Sleeping Much
8. Adrienne Selina Silva – Has Been
9. John Brantingham – An Insomniac’s Sestina
10. Michaelsun Knapp – Grass Angel
11. Elder Zamora – Blood Poem
12. Adrienne Selina Silva – If There’s Any Love in Me, Don’t Let is Show
13. Michael Torres – Audio Instructions on How to Read a Michael Torres Poem…
14. lLoyd Aquino – Cigarette and Spit
15. Charlotte San Juan – Where We All Seem to be Going
16. John Buckley – California Winter

Shadow Oak Sessions is not currently taking unsolicited submissions, but you may direct any inquiries to Send your order inquiries here as well.

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