From the Valley to the Beach

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Dec 162011

Join us at the the San Gabriel Valley Arts Community as we begin with our first arts-related event

Designed By Alex Torrez

The SGV "Apple of Knowledge" logo designed by Alex Torrez


The poets Shelley, Keats, and Hunt famously came together for a friendly poetry competition in which they composed sonnets about the Nile in 15 minutes. The result was three brilliant poems with Hunt being nominated the winner. On December 18th, we are going to meet at the Brantinghams’ house with the same idea in mind. We’re going to meet, and I’m going to announce the topic. You will have 4 hours to compose some kind of art to that theme. The difference between what we’re doing and what the three poets did is that we can work in any medium. Are you a film maker? Make a short film. Musician? Create a song. Web designer? Create a website. Of course, there will be poems, stories, paintings and sculptures too.

Come an join us for an afternoon of pure creation.

The Brantinghams’ Home
654 Pinecrest Lane, Walnut, CA
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