Nothing Beats an Icon

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Aug 142011

We need a logo.  Something simple and iconic, something that shows all the raw energy we have floating around in our project.  As a theme think of writing and letter, or maybe of the global nature of this event that we’re throwing.  He are some rough concepts of what we’ve got :

So lo-fi!

Punk logo #2

Punk Logo 1.0

Here is the first of our punk rock little logos

As you can see, these are rough, but they have fighting spirit.  Stay tuned, more is on the way.


  5 Responses to “Nothing Beats an Icon”

  1. These are great Scott, but the one I thought was really good was one with the crossed pencils.

  2. I love what I’m seeing so far.

  3. i see something in my mind about the V in SGV being a hand showing the victory sign. a double meaning.

    like maybe the letters SG[then a photo of the two fingers raised in the victory sign]LITFEST. I wish I were a graphic artist. I see what i mean in my mind but lack the ability to express it.

    i also love that “deserty” graphic you have on the FB site. I could see this is as the background for the letters SG(fingers in victory)LITFEST.

    in fact, now i see the letters in white block capitals. it’s starting to look like a CD cover.


    just stop me, folks. it’s after 1AM and i’m rambling into my down feathers once again.

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